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Ellis Road PD&E Study

Ellis Road PD&E Study / Staff Directory

Staff Directory

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Staff Phone Responsible Area Section
Bane, Thomas (850) 414-4379 State Utilities Engineer Utilities
Benghuzzi, Ezzeldin (850) 414-4352 Maintenance of Traffic Specialist Criteria and Standards
Cunagin, Wiley (850) 414-4354 Engineering Analysis System Pavement Management
Duley, Richard (850) 414-4335 Web Page Content, Agreements Utilities
Fletcher, Jeremy (850) 414-4320 Design Exceptions and QAR's Quality Assurance
Fowler, John (850) 414-4373 Interstate Resurfacing Pgm/small county Pavement Management
Gerrell, Benjamin (850) 414-4318 Design Manuals Manager Criteria and Standards
Godfrey, MaryLou (850) 414-4327 Design Exceptions and QAR's Quality Assurance
Green, Jennifer (850) 414-4355 In-House Design, Standards, Tech Specs Drainage
Guy, Steve  (850) 414-4375 Condition Survey reports/data analysis Pavement Management
Henson, Chester (850) 414-4117 State Traffic Standards Manager Criteria and Standards
Irizzary, Maria (850) 414-4317 Design Manual Engineer Criteria and Standards
Koos, Mary Anne (850) 414-4321 Design Manual Specialist Criteria and Standards
Lewis, Christopher (850) 414-4339 Traffic Standards Engineer Criteria and Standards
Mauthner, John (850) 414-4334 Design Standards Manager Criteria and Standards
McLendon, Roger (850) 414-4079 Systems Engineering - Web Author Quality Assurance
Newman, Kathy  (850) 414-4313 Administrative Assistant to SRDE Administration
Overton, Patrick (850) 414-4348 Design Standards Engineer Criteria and Standards
Ponce, Javier (850) 414-4374 Pavement Technical Support Engineer Pavement Management
Prytyka, Gregory (850) 414-4334 Special Projects Engineer Criteria and Standards
Renna, Rick (850) 414-4351 State Drainage Engineer  Drainage
Shepard, Michael (850) 414-4330 State Quality Assurance Engineer Quality Assurance
Sullivan, Frank (850) 414-4324 Roadway Design Administrator Criteria and Standards
Taylor, Rhonda (850) 414-4371 State Pavement Design Engineer Pavement Management
Tootle, Amy (850) 414-4364 Special Projects, Pipe Rehab, Training Drainage
Trotman, Shawn (850) 414-4158 Administrative Secretary Administration
Uwaibi, Emmanuel (850) 414-4372 Technical Assistance-manuals-Stds Pavement Management
Vickers, Patty (850) 414-4346 Exception Database Management Quality Assurance
Wheeler, Gordon (850) 414-4366 UAM, Research Utilities